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Creative journeys

I’m weird. I like to look at a beautiful blank book, feel the unwritten pages, smell the fresh leather of the cover, and imagine the possibilities that lie within those pages. But once the ink touches the paper, and words are coerced into existence from the ether of the subconscious, meaning (or the semblance of… Continue reading Creative journeys


The Art of Imperfection

“Things, then, which are called “perfect” in themselves are so called in all these senses; either because in respect of excellence they have no deficiency and cannot be surpassed, and because no part of them can be found outside them; or because, in general, they are unsurpassed in each particular class, and have no part… Continue reading The Art of Imperfection

Tennyson’s “Love and Death”

The poem opens in Paradise, a reference to the Garden of Eden. Love – the fruit of the Tree of Life – meets Death – lurking beneath the Tree of Knowledge, who forces Love to leave (as it is a Post-Lapsarian world – a world after the Fall). Love reluctantly lets Death have his moment,… Continue reading Tennyson’s “Love and Death”

Q is for Q…?

Illuminated Qs. Hand painted in acrylic on Khadi cotton rag paper which gives a lovely texture like brocaded fabric.