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Personalised bookplate art on recycled limestone paper

This is a little experiment on recycled limestone paper (also known as stone paper). The paper is super smooth and has a lovely feel to it, but it is basically calcium carbonate (80%) bonded with bio-polyethylene resin (20%). It is water proof and resistant to tear, but is sensitive to UV which means it biodegrades… Continue reading Personalised bookplate art on recycled limestone paper

Memory and the Imagination

We are so bound by our experience of time. We tend to think of time as flowing from one point to another, or as an arrow that moves in one direction, never standing still but continuously moving. As such, we are always in the present. A present that keeps moving, but because we exist in… Continue reading Memory and the Imagination

Creative journeys

I’m weird. I like to look at a beautiful blank book, feel the unwritten pages, smell the fresh leather of the cover, and imagine the possibilities that lie within those pages. But once the ink touches the paper, and words are coerced into existence from the ether of the subconscious, meaning (or the semblance of… Continue reading Creative journeys