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The Art of Imperfection

“Things, then, which are called “perfect” in themselves are so called in all these senses; either because in respect of excellence they have no deficiency and cannot be surpassed, and because no part of them can be found outside them; or because, in general, they are unsurpassed in each particular class, and have no part… Continue reading The Art of Imperfection

Tennyson’s “Love and Death”

The poem opens in Paradise, a reference to the Garden of Eden. Love – the fruit of the Tree of Life – meets Death – lurking beneath the Tree of Knowledge, who forces Love to leave (as it is a Post-Lapsarian world – a world after the Fall). Love reluctantly lets Death have his moment,… Continue reading Tennyson’s “Love and Death”

Q is for Q…?

Illuminated Qs. Hand painted in acrylic on Khadi cotton rag paper which gives a lovely texture like brocaded fabric.