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The Lighthouse

To the Lighthouse
(Byron Bay, New South Wales), 2018,
botanical indigo, Australian ochre, titanium oxide, phosphorescent paint, and optically variable pigments in acrylic on canvas,
40 x 40 cm


Like the constellations that map the night sky,

you illuminate the coastline – 

your guiding light

a beacon of hope for countless souls.


They must have looked forward to seeing you –

a flickering star to the west –

with eager anticipation 

to the promise of a new arrival.


And like those travellers of bygone eras,

I have searched for your light –

often feeling lost

in the sea of my muddled imagination.


But there you always are – upright and virtuous –

ready to show me the way –

guiding me home

to the soul of your live tradition. 



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